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SALE! 20% Off All Blinds and Shutters & Free Installation

Concealed Blinds By Blindspace

All Kinds Of Blinds are thrilled to be able to offer concealed blinds by Blindspace. Blindspace has a unique and patented design where blinds are accessible when required and fully concealed behind an integrated closure panel that simply clicks out and snaps shut. When required, the blind operates through a discrete slot in the wall or ceiling and completely disappears from view when not in use.

Why Choose Concealed Blinds?

Concealed blinds offer a range of significant benefits that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of a living or workspace. Firstly, they contribute to a clean and uncluttered interior, as the blinds remain hidden from view when not in use, providing a sleek and modern appearance. This concealed design also ensures that natural light can flood into the room without obstruction, creating a more inviting and open atmosphere. Moreover, concealed blinds offer improved privacy and light control, as they can be easily adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Additionally, these blinds are an ideal solution for maximising space efficiency, making them particularly valuable in smaller rooms where every inch of space counts. Ultimately, concealed blinds blend seamlessly with the decor and architectural elements, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any environment while offering practical benefits that enhance the overall living or working experience.

What Can Blindspace Concealed Blinds Be Used For?

Creating privacy
Room darkening
Temperature and glare control

How Does Blindspace Work?

We can support you in choosing and installing your Blindspace concealed blinds either before the construction of your property, or after it’s complete. At the initial stages boxes can be installed as headboxes only or as three-or-four sided frames on all side of the opening. At the latter point, it may be necessary to have visible boxes or pelmets as part of your design.

We will discuss your requirements with you, providing design support, technical drawings, products and services, helping you achieve a great end result:


You, your architect, together with your local shading specialist All Kinds Of Blinds, will agree on what blinds to prepare for as early as possible in the project.


Concealment boxes are ordered through us and assembled with electrical wiring during construction of the building.

Blinds Installation

The hidden space for the blinds is accessed at any time, blinds are surveyed and fitted when construction work and decoration are completed.

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About Blindspace

Founded in Sweden in 2016, Blindspace designs and manufactures solutions to conceal blinds and recess curtain tracks for both residential and commercial applications. The company's simple philosophy is to enable shading, privacy, and blackout in any room, with minimal visual impact.

Blindspace is independently owned and operated from Gothenburg, Sweden. The company started when founder Gaius Guest recognised the need for new solutions to hide blinds as no solutions were readily available. Today, Blindspace is available in more than 20 countries.

Blindspace concealed blinds are an ideal addition to any home where privacy and style are paramount. To find out more, view our full range here or contact one of our specialist team members for more information.