What are plantation shutters?

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What are plantation shutters?

There are two types of plantation shutter one is slatted / louvered or there is of course solid shutters. Made of wood plantation shutters can be slatted just like traditional blinds, quite often plantation shutters can be referred to as “shutter blinds” which can be confusing.

They of course are opened and closed just like blinds but plantation shutters are made from long lasting materials like MDF / Solid Wood and most importantly of all Plantation Shutters are fitted as part of the window or door and fitted to completely cover a window or door or offered as foldable panels that fold back into a recess. A popular style of plantation shutter is “Tier On Tier

It’s worth noting that Plantation Shutters are tighter fitting and better at shutting out light and offer increased privacy and require less maintenance. They can even add value to your home.[/fusion_builder_column]
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